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Wisdom & Science of Triangles

Triangles on Esoteric Healing & Psychology & Astrology

Triangles on Esoteric Healing & Psychology & Astrology - Academy of Wisdom Teaching Eu

The science of Triangles is a science of spiritual relationships.

 A program  can be followed by  and is supported by meditation techniques and with methods for:

practitioners - healers who do want to know more of the relationship of the centers with the psychology and astrology of the soul and personality.

practitioners - psychologists who do want to know more about the spiritual inter/intra-relationships and of soul-healing and soul-astrology.

practitioners - astrologers who do want to know more on the nature of the soul practized by spiritual healers and psychologists working with the soul aspect.



Master DK indicated that the science of the triangles are related to Spirit and Synthesis - As a triangle group within the group life together with other esoteric triangles which were formed during the last three decades, we made therefore a deep study combined with specific meditations for the last 9 years on several aspects of this occult work. This compilation is not by far the whole truth on this topic; much must be brought into relationship within you as a disciple before the Master impresses new insights and wisdom upon you. Much will remain hidden and subjective. We hope you will acquire as much wisdom as we have experienced or at least find your way in this infinite topic.

In the first above mentioned publication, called THE SCIENCE OF TRIANGLES, the theme of this science was considered from a variety of perspectives ranging between the ultimate universe and the etheric centres in relation with the etheric body of the individual human being. A prime intention was and is to “show” in a symbolical way the countless relationships between the micro-cosmos called “the human being” and the macro-cosmos of the infinite universe. One conclusion may well be accepted as a serious hypothesis that each human being is an immortal spiritual being, literally “a Son of God”. His future is timeless and endless. This concept places our present business with planet Earth in a deeper and hopefully meaningful perspective.

This second part as an INDEX is closely integrated in this theme on triangles, it has been decided to present it in a separate document. The reason is that this index is in essence according to the published books part of all the triangles that were given by the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul in the 24 books.

This index, embracing about 550 relationships - as the Science of Triangles is basically the Science of Relationships - has been synthesized into a number of mutually interacting and/or interlocked dynamic relationships. Again, these relationships are based on:

1. Cosmic triangles;
2. Zodiacal triangles;
3. Solar systemic triangles including the planets involved;
4. Planetary triangles of the Earth;
5. Human individual triangles, as for the groups-dynamic and for humanity as a whole

It might be noted here that there are many pairs of triangles representing a subjective and an objective triangle. For instance, the six-pointed stars are of interest here, because basically every six-pointed star is composed of two interlaced triangles; usually a “higher” and a “lower” one. The higher triangle usually is a direct effect of some divine or spiritual purpose or intention, for which the lower triangle is the instrument of manifestation of that purpose or intent. Besides that, we have many other types of relationships in geometrical patterns.

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