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INFORMATION Teacher Training - Academy of Wisdom Teaching Eu

ACTIVITIES 2021-2022:


The Teacher training of the Wisdom will start every year in january and in September facilitated by a virtual classroom - you will be personal invited to participate for the introduction lessons. The program is free of costs. Donations are welcome. The first part of the program are 31 training lessons. Every week a lesson starting at 7 or 7.30 pm CET (Central European Time).

The Wisdom Retreat will be held from 2nd-9th of May 2020 at the feet of the Mt. Blanc: see page.

Contact us on the contact page when you want to receive an email when we start in 2019 with an international group of teacher-trainers of the Wisdom. Most of the aspirant-teachers that are attracted and participate into the Teacher Training series are disciples of the ageless Wisdom teaching given by Master DK (2nd ray), Master M (1st ray) and/or Master R or one of the Masters on the 7th ray. But also disciples on all the other (sub-) rays may profit from these teachings considering the approaching age of Aquarius when synthesis of all the qualities are needed for the embodiment of the Hierarchy - the kingdom of souls. The course the Nature of the Soul and/or Creative Thinking is a prerequisite to participate as an aspirant teacher. 

 These teachings are available in Europe - and through available technologies to other continents - to all co-disciples who affiliate with these teachings. The Hierarchy needs trained teachers to bring this wonderful teaching to those who are ready and via these techniques we are able to attract and support those students who are ready to serve humanity. This is a practical approach and training through the heart and the mind in group-service. Hear your soul's call to service. As has been said many times, the students are waiting for qualified teachers of the ageless wisdom. We can work together to allow this teaching to serve for the benefit of humanity and for a new civilisation.

 The method is based on the principles of:

(I) Subjective & Cooperative (group) Leadership

(II) Education & Healing and by applying the Wisdom philosophy

(III) Collaborative discipleship and its Economy (i.e. its energy, force and substance).

 You will practise to allow these teachings to reveal themselves to you, to allow them to come in and prove themselves to you in your own life as a soul and in service activities as truth.

It will be facilitated by meditations e-readers, contributions from participants and new technology like virtual seminar meeting spaces (classrooms) from the academy.

For more info please use our contactpage .