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The deva evolution is applying to
the Law of "the Passive Resistance". 

These violet devas of the four ethers form, as you may imagine, four great groups with seven subsidiary divisions. These four groups work with the four types of men now in incarnation, for it is a statement of fact that at no time in this round are more than four types of men in incarnation at any one time. 

Monad (spirit), soul (higher self), man (the thinker) and devas

A Deva (or Angel) is a god. In Sanskrit a resplendent deity. A Deva is a celestial being, whether good, bad, or indifferent. Devas are divided into many groups, and are called not only angels and archangels, but lesser and greater builders. In the present (solar) system, the second, there are two dominant evolutions, the human and the deva. There are 60 thousand million human monads. Add to this the feminine evolution of the devas, consisting of 140 thousand million.

The higher self, the soul on its own plane, is a great solar angel, who is the medium of expression for the Monad or pure spirit, just as is the personality for the soul on the lower level. From the point of view of man in the three worlds, this soul, or Solar Lord, is eternal; he persists throughout the entire cycle of incarnations, just as the personality persists during the tiny physical life cycle. Nevertheless, this period of existence is only relatively permanent, and the day dawns when the life, which expresses itself through the medium of the soul, the Thinker, the Solar Lord or Manasadeva, seeks to loose itself from even this limitation, and to return to the source from which it originally emanated.

The life then, which manifested as a solar angel, and which, through inherent energy, held together through long ages the form egoic, withdraws itself gradually, and the form slowly dissipates; the lesser lives (the lower devas and elementals) of which it has been constituted, return to the general fount of deva substance, plus the increased consciousness and activity which is theirs through the experience of being built into a form, and utilised by a still higher aspect of existence. Similarly, in the case of the personality, when the life of the soul withdraws, the threefold lower self dissipates; the little lives which form the body of what has been called the lunar self (in contradistinction to the solar self, being but its reflection) are absorbed into the general reservoir of deva substance of a lower vibration to that which composed the body egoic. Similarly, also, their evolution has been furthered through having been built into a form for the use of the higher Self.

The devas are:

  • The great "impulsive factors" in manifestation, organising substance, directing the multiplicity of lives and beings who constitute the forms through which God expresses divinity.
  • In a peculiar sense the embodiment of the divine purpose upon the planes of the Monad and of the Triad, just as the aggregate of energies in man's etheric body is the result of his inner direction and the cause of his outer manifestation.
  • The agents of the divine will because they are a consequence of the point of attainment of our planetary Logos as He exists outside the seven planes of our sphere of existence, the cosmic physical plane.
  • Conditioned by our planetary Logos cosmic astral and mental vehicles.
  • In a definite sense the agents of the Universal Mind, even though they are not mental as we understand that term.
  • Sometimes regarded as blind forces, but that is only because they get their inspiration from levels of divine awareness outside the range of the human consciousness, no matter how high, or when used in its widest connotation.

The particular devas in "their serried ranks" work only on etheric levels - either upon our physical plane or on the cosmic etheric levels. They are therefore active in the realm of maya, which is the etheric plane as we usually understand it, or upon the planes of the Spiritual Triad. The devas are therefore not active on the three gross physical levels or upon the astral or mental planes, nor are they active upon the highest or logoic plane. There they are implicit or latent but not active.

To understand more fully the function of the deva forces, a man must arrive at some understanding of the forces in his etheric body which, in their turn, are the consequence of his point of attainment - an attainment demonstrated by his astral (emotional) and mental natures and activities. These indicate his point of development.

Their controlling Agent in manifestation is the Triangle of Energy to which we give the name the "Three Buddhas of Activity." They are:

  • Therefore closely connected with the third aspect of divinity.
  • Essentially the "eye within the Triangle" - a most familiar symbol to many today.
  • The expression, in activity, of the "All-See-ing Eye"; through their agency God sees, and through them and the energy directed through them, He directs the creative process.
  • Under the complete control of these three Buddhas of Activity, Who are the cosmic Prototypes of the Lords of the three major rays (of Will or Power, of Love-Wisdom and Active Intelligence), but not in the sense usually understood when the rays are considered in their relation to man.
  • The correspondence of these three rays and are responsible for the entire manifested universe, but only within the orbit of the third aspect, the expression of the Universal Mind.
  • And they come from the cosmic mental plane, just as the energy - distinctive of the second aspect - comes from the cosmic astral plane.

Devas of all kinds and colours

Devas of all kinds and colours are found on the physical etheric levels, but the prevailing hue is violet, hence the term so often employed, the "devas of the shadows." With the coming in of the ceremonial violet ray, we have the amplification of the violet vibration always inherent on these levels and the great opportunity therefore for contact between the two kingdoms. It is in the development of etheric vision (of the physical human eye) and not in clairvoyance that this mutual apprehension will become possible. With the coming in likewise of this ray will arrive those who belong thereon, with a natural gift of seeing etherically. Children will frequently be born who will see etherically as easily as the average human being sees physically; as conditions of harmony gradually evolve out of the present world chaos, devas and human beings will meet as friends.

As the two planes, astral and physical, merge and blend, and continuity of consciousness is experienced upon the two, it will be difficult for human beings to differentiate at first between devas of the astral plane, and those of the physical. At the beginning of this period of recognition, men will principally contact the violet devas, for those of the higher ranks amongst them are definitely making the attempt to contact the human. These devas of the shadows are of a dark purple, on the fourth etheric level, of a lighter purple, much the same colour as violet, on the third etheric level, a light violet on the second, whilst on the atomic subplane they are of a glorious translucent lavender.

The devas of the ethers, fall naturally into two main groups:

I.   those devas who are the transmitters of prana to all forms of life; they are a group of intermediary devas, and may be regarded as the energy providers in their various differentiations;

II.  those devas who form the etheric bodies of every form in manifestation. These constitute the bulk of the lesser devas.

Each group is represented on each of the four subplanes, and this grouping must be considered as but one method of differentiation out of the many possible.

The devas of the ethers carry on their foreheads a translucent symbol (a crescent moon); by this they may be distinguished from the astral devas by those able to see clairvoyantly.

And there is another major group of devas about which much may not as yet be communicated:

  • They have come in from another planetary scheme, and are specialists in their particular line.
  • They have attained, or passed through, the human kingdom, and are of equal rank with certain members of the Hierarchy, having chosen to stay and work in connection with the physical plane evolution.
  • They are only twelve and are also mentioned in the list below.

The number of the deva evolution is six, as that of man is now five, and as ten stands for perfected man, so twelve stands for perfection in the deva kingdom. This group presides over the three which are enumerated in the same list below.

While each group of devas has some specific method of development and some means whereby they evolve and attain a particular goal, the groups of devas are:

1. Four of the higher devas coming from another planetary scheme presides the violet group.

And four groups of violet devas, associated with the etheric doubles of all that exists on the physical plane. These four are in two divisions, those associated with the building of the etheric doubles, and those out of whose substance these doubles are built.

For the violet devas the path of attainment lies through feeling, and through educating the race in the perfecting of the physical body in its two departments.

Certain subsidiary groups are also found:

- all the elementals working with the etheric doubles of men,
- all the elementals forming the etheric bodies wherin is life, and
- all the elementals working with the etheric counterparts of so-called inanimate objects.
These are named in the order and the importance of their development. The violet devas are on the evolutionary path. The elementals are on the involutionary path, the goal for them being is to pass into the deva kingdom of violet hue.

2. Five of the higher devas coming from another planetary scheme presides in the green group.

The green devas of the vegetable kingdom. They exist in two divisions also. They are of high development, and will be contacted principally along the lines of magnetisation. The greater devas of this order preside over the magnetic spots of the earth, they guard the solitude of the forests, reserve intact spaces on the planet which are required to be kept inviolate; they defend them from molestation, and with the violet devas are at this time working definitely, temporarily, under the Lord Maitreya. The Raja Lord of the astral plane, Varuna and his brother Kshiti, regularly consult the council chamber of the Hierarchy for specific adjustments, and as the Masters are endeavouring to prepare humanity for service when the World Teacher comes, so these Raja Lords are working along similar lines in connection with the devas. They are arduous in Their work, intense in Their zeal, but much obstructed by man.

For the green devas the path of service is seen in magnetisation, of which the human race as a whole knows nothing as yet. Through this power they act as the protectors of the vegetable plant life, and of the sacred spots of the earth; in their work lies the safety of man's body, for from the vegetable kingdom for the remainder of this round comes the nourishment of that body.

Certain subsidiary groups are also found:

- the fairies of plant life,
- the elves who build and paint the flowers,
- the radiant little beings who inhabit the woods and the fields,
- the elementals who work with the fruits, vegetables, and with all that leads to the covering of the earth's surface with verdure.
Associated with them are the lesser devas of magnetisation, those attached to sacred spots, to talismans and to stones, and also a special group to be found around the habitations of the Masters wherever situated.
3. Two higher devas coming from another planetary scheme presides in the white group, with a presiding officer of rank equal to a Chohan.

The white devas of the air and water who preside over the atmosphere work with certain aspects of electrical phenomena, and control the seas, rivers, and streams.  From among them, at a certain stage in their evolution, are gathered the guardian angels of the race when in physical plane incarnation. Each unit of the human family has his guardian deva.

For the white devas the path of service lies in the guarding of the individuals of the human family, in the care and segregation of types, in the control of the water and air elementals, and much that concerns the fish kingdom.

Certain subsidiary groups are also found:

- the elementals of the air and the sea,
- the sylphs,
- the water feries, and
- the devas who guard each human being.

This list is not complete and does not include the grosser elementals, the brownies, and those that inhabit the dark spaces of the earth, the cities and the subterranean spots of the earth's crust.

Thus in the service of humanity in some form or another lies attainment for these physical plane devas. They have much to give and do for humanity, and in time it will be apparent to the human unit what he has to give towards the perfecting of the deva kingdom. A great hastening of their evolution goes forward now coincident with that of the human family.


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