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Its purpose - Academy of Wisdom Teaching Eu
Europe is the field for educating the world in the ideas of a true world unity and for the wise presentation of the Plan. From that continent can the inspiration go forth to the East and to the West.
Humanity, entering the circle of liberation, will be confronted by the first major lesson: the Unity of the One Life.

 During the cycle of manifestation, the combination of: life-awareness, spirit-reason, atma-buddhi, is the product of the multiplicity in unity.

The word "science" is not the cold and heartless intellectual thing so oft depicted. It is in reality the intelligent organisation of spiritual energy and of the forces of love, and when effective, will evoke the response of spiritual Beings Who can again walk openly among men and thus establish a close relation and a  constant communication between humanity and the spiritual Hierarchy. (Master DK)

The Academy of Wisdom Teaching Europe is part of a worldwide organism and not an organization, nor a transitional or preparatory esoteric school for discipleship training. Its main focus is on the development of wisdom curricula in Europe. It is initiated by the demand for more specific advanced research and practical application of the ageless wisdom teaching, which will be further developed during the next preparatory cycle of Aquarius.

It expresses and attracts those souls on the wisdom-aspect of the second ray of love-wisdom or seventh ray of ritualistic decency and who follow the synthetic way of Will-to-Good in Detailed Unity, or the ray of the Divine Quality or Pattern, or of Beauty in Relationship by comprehensive inclusiveness. It involves a high point of synthetic comprehension. It resonates with a call of a 2nd Ray (the teaching-ray) within the Ashram of Synthesis that is aligned with a higher Triangle of a 1st (sub-) Ray design within the center of Shamballa. It provides a platform and is a vehicle for revelatory aspects of the ageless wisdom teaching throughout all major scientific esoteric disciplines. There is a definite and planned work with the consciousness of all forms and this is regarded as a process of education, leading to an expansion of perception and the changing of acquired academic knowledge into an overshadowing and conditioning wisdom. The academic curriculum is developing itself by further penetrating into the ageless wisdom teaching and is a continued process. Significant contributions will be made available on this website for groups or (future) schools especially in Europe, and in mutual cooperation with disciples, groups and schools on other continents as well.  
The Rules mentioned in "the Way into Shamballa" are primarily concerned with the Shamballa or life aspect.  
They are the only embodied techniques at present extant which have in them the quality which will enable the initiated disciple to understand and eventually express the significance of the words of Christ, "Life more abundantly." (Master D.K.)  
These words relate to contact with Shamballa; the result will be the expression of the will aspect. The energy of love governs all relations between souls and controls the Hierarchy (the Kingdom of liberated souls); the energy of wisdom should govern all relations within the fourth kingdom, the human. Some day it will be inevitably do so, hence the emphasis laid upon the need for soul-infused personalities in the world today, as promulgated by all true esoteric schools.

The academy facilitates research fellowships with individuals and groups which aim is the utilisation of the ageless wisdom teaching but the academy has no teachers per se, but we do support those disciples who sense that they are affiliated and aligned with the Ashram and with the Wisdom of Synthesis (Ray I, II and VII combined and transmitting the energy of synthesis) as such and are able to collaborate with this endeavor, in their own way of life, area, 'time' and field of service and relationships they are drawn into. For them we have a special training for their function as Teachers of the Wisdom.

The academy recognizes that all participants in analogous (ray-) groups, schools, colleges, universities or academies and working under the same spiritual impulses, are members of the one fundamental school in Shamballa and are linked together in a basic subjective unity. The time has come in the 21st century that these various (and at present) esoteric bodies are proclaiming (not claiming) and externalizing their identity more fully, while their co-workers will contact and meet each other and learn to know and understand each others part in Purpose and in Plan. This recognition and understanding will bring them to the point where they will endeavour to supplement each other's efforts, exchange groupimpressions and so in truth and in deed constitute one great college of esotericism in the world. It is therefor that we contribute and participate in this groupendeavour via this website, through gatherings, conclaves and the social media.

The furtherence of the coming seventh ray civilization of synthesis, fusion and of increased soul expression, and the development of the stage into which a true and white magic of the Hierarchy is entering is inevitable and for this stage there should be definite preparation and (advanced) training. The new (thought) forms through which that much desired consummation can be achieved, must be consequently gradually and scientifically developed. The mission of the academy is in alignment and adjustment with the above and its developing esoteric sciences are in support of the Hierarchical Plan.
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The Monad is the Life, lived in unison with the seven ray Lives. One Monad, seven rays and myriads of forms, 
this is the structure behind the manifested worlds.

Through the medium of Light of Wisdom shed abroad in our hearts and through the Ageless Wisdom, we shall see the Light of Life itself.

When the intent and purpose of this great Life - which works through Shamballa - is carried out and is in process of expression, a light will be revealed which has never yet been seen or known. 

The consciousness of universal relationship, of subjective integration and of a proven and experienced unity will be the climaxing gift of the period ahead of us.

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Universalia - Academy of Wisdom Teaching Eu

Universalia - Academy of Wisdom Teaching Eu

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